If you're reading this on a mobile device with the Amazon, New York Times, or Twitter apps installed, these https:// links will open in those apps.

Amazon.com products: The Horse-head mask and the Cow Magnets.

New York Times stories: An article about the Hong Kong Protests, and another about Exclamation Marks!!!

Twitter profiles: My favorite trolls, Walter and Ned.

What about BrowZine?

All https://browzine.com/ links go to BrowZine Web: Here's a link to the journal Annals of Science (using a demo Library), and another to an article in PLoS.

Interestingly, there's a browzine:// protocol. This is a good start. On a mobile device, the browzine:// URL will open the app if it's installed. But I don't think the protocol allows links to a journal or an article. These links just open the app, with no content displayed.

Ideally, a https://browzine.com/... link would open a journal or article in the BrowZine app, if installed, or "fall back" to the browser. That's exactly what happens with the Amazon.com, NYTimes, and Twitter links shown above. These sites use Universal Links. Is there a chance that BrowZine could use Universal Links? This would be very valuable to libraries and our patrons!